Are you just starting your journey into photography... or getting back into taking pictures after retirement... or looking to explore what creative photography can offer?

The Burlington PhotoWorkshops offers courses for the beginner as well as the advanced photographer to guide you through the world of photography to help you "make" better pictures.

Courses come complete with online handout reference material to compliment the classroom sessions along with specific sessions having online video reference modules.


Paul Sparrow is a professional photographer and photography educator with over 35 years of teaching experience who takes you through the basics and then lets you further explore photography with these in depth courses.


Really understand the camera and learn the basic fundamentals of how to control your image making to go beyond "point & shoot" and make your pictures more than just a snap shot.


Each week explore the world of photography and learn the best ways to shoot the most common styles of photography. Learn how to photograph landscapes, nature, closeups, still life, portraiture, candids & people, action & sports, and creative abstracts.


Learn the techniques used in the manipulation and enhancement of images using Photoshop & Photoshop Elements where the image is just the starting point.

Weekly handout reference material is included with each course.

Practical Outdoor Workshops

We also have "hands on" learning experiences with full and 1/2 day weekend workshops that will get you out in the field taking pictures with expert instruction.

One-on-One Singular Sessions

And for those that want a more personalized approach outside of the classroom a "One-on-One" lesson can be arranged where the learning experience is customized to your specific requirements in your own home or place of business.