Photo Fundamentals - 6 weeks

Online via Zoom through the Burlington Public Library.

Date: Tuesdays - October 17th thru November 21st
Times: 7:00pm pm to 9:00pm pm

Each week learn the basic fundamentals of how to go beyond "point & shoot" and understand the use of the camera controls to get the photos you want. Understand liighting & exposure, how to control focus & "depth-of-field" with aperture, controlling motion with shutter speed, what lenses & focal lengths work best, composing your photograph, white balance, and how to use flash.

Although certain aspects covered in this course can be achieved using a cell phone... this course is geared to those that have cameras with adjustable settings.

Handout material is provided online to summarize each class along with specific sessions having addional online reference videos.


Week 1 - Introduction to the camera.

- Introdction to the camera's shooting modes.
- How pixels and ISO affects image quality.
- How file formats affect image quality.

Week 2 - Understanding Exposure.

- The camera functions that control exposure.
- Getting the correct exposure - understanding the histogram.
- Exposure compensation for difficult lighting situations.

Week 3 - Using the Aperture and Shutter.

- Using aperture to control what is in focus.
- Using selective focus to isolate a subject.
- Using shutter speeds to control motion.

Week 4 - Photo Composition.

- Using the rule of "Thirds".
- Using lens focal lengths to achieve different compositions.
- Creating unusual compositions.

Week 5 - White Balance.

- Understanding colour temperature to control colour.
- Using the standard white balance "presets".
- Creating a "custom" white balance for difficult lighting.

Week 6 - Using Flash.

- How flash works and how to deal with flash "fall-off".
- Using effective "fill flash" with available light.
- Using flash outdoors under bright sunlight.


For additional information please contact Paul Sparrow.

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