Photo Techniques - 6 weeks

Burlington Central Library, - Online via Zoom
Dates / Times: Tuesdays, January 9 thru February 13 - 7:00 pm to 8:45 pm


Explore different types of photography subjects each week and learn the techniques to get the best photos of landscapes, nature & closeups, still life, portraiture, candids & people, and action & sports.

In this course emphasis will be placed on the photographic approach for each subject type, the best camera settings, what equipment can make your photography easier and how to get the best images. You will also be introduced to photographers who've made a major impact in each style that is covered.

Course handouts are provided as reference for each class.

*(It is NOT necessary to have taken Photo Fundamentals to enjoy this course).


Week 1 - Landscapes.

- Placing the horizon.
- Using the "Hyperfocal Distance".
- Composing using diagonals and leading lines.
- Polarizers and neutral density filters.

Week 2 - Nature.

- Composing using the "Thirds" and patterns in nature.
- Getting close-ups and "macro" imagery.
- Photographing birds & animals.
- Using reflectors & flash.

Week 3 - Still Life.

- Defining a 3 dimensional object with light.
- Bringing out shape, substance, form and texture.
- Lighting opaque objects.
- Lighting reflective and transparent objects.

Week 4 - Portraiture.

- Using available light in portraiture.
- Using reflectors and flash to add "fill" light.
- Studio approach to lighting.
- Posing your subject.

Week 5 - People & Candids.

- Approaching subjects to get the best shot.
- How to place your subject in the frame.
- Using "fill flash" to augment the available light.
- Shooting picture sequences to tell a "story".

Week 6 - Action & Sports.

- Using shutter speeds to control motion.
- How to focus on moving subjects.
- Exposing for unusual indoor lighting.
- Shooting sporting events.


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