Photo Manipulation - 6 weeks

Location: Burlington Central Library, 2331 New Street
Room: Holland Room, Times: 6:45 pm to 8:45 pm

Thursdays: starting January 5th

Learn how to improve and enhance your photographs and bring out their hidden potential using Photoshop. From basic corrections to more complex changes discover how to bring out the best in your photos where the camera original is only the starting point.

Learn the program workspace, image resolution, image size & cropping, making selections, density & colour correction, photo retouching, photo montages, how to use digital filters to create artistic manipulations and how to include text with your images.

* You will need to bring a laptop to class with Photoshop or Photoshop Elements and a series of images to work on during the course.

Handout material will be provided to summerize each class.


Week 1 - Introduction to the program interface.

An overview of the working space and layout of the program.
-Importing images and organizing your pictures.
-Introduction to the Editor interface and overview of tools.
-System calibration.

Week 2 - Resolution/Image size.

How image size and resolution are related to image quality.
-The relationship between pixels and image size.
-Using the cropping tool to get common print sizes.
-Image quality and file formats.

Week 3 - Density and Colour correction.

How to correct density and colour on any image.
-Density correction using levels, brightness & contrast.
-Colour corrections, hue & saturation /Black & white conversions.
-Using "selections" to alter specific parts of the image.

Week 4 - Photo Retouching.

How to fix and restore images that have problems.
-Getting rid of image flaws and unwanted elements.
-Removal of unwanted objects.
-Retouching portraits.

Week 5 - Photo Collages & Montages.

Combining two or more images.
-Cutting & pasting and cloning one image onto another.
-Using layers to blend image components.
-Using creative type styles that work with your images.

Week 6 - Effects filters.

Using digital filters to enhance your images.
-Using Sharpening & Bluring selectively.
-Using textures.
-Creating special "art" effects.


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Registration opens November 1st 2022.