"I just wanted to thank you for such a rewarding summer session. I absolutely enjoyed every minute of it. It has made me look at photography differently, and how I see everyday sights."

- Elizabeth Evans


"Paul's passion for photography is contagious. Open discussion about every shot is probably the best way to learn from mistakes and improve photography skills. It is very interesting, and often surprising, to learn what other people see in your own images."

- Ivan Celeketic

"Paul's vast photography knowledge and years of experience is evident. His teaching style is unassuming, respectful and empowering. Without any hesitation, I recommend the D101 and Exposures classes."

- Gary Hicks

"It was really enlightening through the "Exposures" course to see how other people interpreted different subjects, to see and hear their comments on one’s own shots, and to learn from Paul how they could have been improved, cropped and enhanced. I feel that I now have the tools to take better and more rewarding pictures."

- Sheila Oddy

"Great course. Great teacher. Paul has helped to rekindle my love for photography and helped move me beyond just pointing and clicking. Time and money well invested. Highly recommended."

- Steve Loates




"I really enjoyed the format of these sessions.    The concept of composing the photo “in camera” was very appealing to me as I  love the challenge of completing the picture before the shutter was pressed.   This process encouraged me to grow as a photographer and now that I look at my library of photos from previous years, I can see where I could have done better."

- Bruce McGee

"Learned some new things that I didn't previously know about ways to use Photoshop to correct sections of an image that is otherwise a good one."

- Claudette Mancini

"The course gave me better insight into insuring that depth of field is right for the shot and it made me think more about framing a picture and even angling the camera to get a good flow to the photo."

- Bob Derham

"I can say with confidence that being part of the "Exposures" class has made me a better photographer. I now look for pictures everywhere I go, something I didn't really do before this class. This class is for anyone who wants to improve their technical photography skills."

- Mike Benninger


"D101 was exactly what I was looking for in an intro photography class. I had just purchased my first DSLR camera and it was a complete mystery to me. Each week I learned something new and was inspired to put my new tools to the test. Thank you for helping me move beyond point and click and get truly creative with my camera. The course delivers what it promises, and more!."

- Arlene McMahon

"I gained a LOT of confidence in the course. This is my first DSLR and I was a bit afraid of it at first but the well organized lessons and great examples gave me courage to try things. The camera and I are good friends now. Thanks so much!"

- Carolynn McMillan

"The classes have taught me to take the right photograph
not just a photograph."

- Michael Behnecke

"I took Paul's Digital 101 course to more easily transition from a film format camera to the digital format, but I learned so much more. I was reinvigorated to take up a hobby that I had left long ago and remembered the joy of an early morning or evening walk to get the right shot."

- Karen Ralph